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    September 19th, 2011adminCurly Weave

    There are many different companies that make Curly Weave hair enhancement products. For higher quality, you should stick with the weaves that are made strictly from high quality human hair. Human hair weaves are not as likely to tangle as those that are made from synthetic hair fibers. When trying to choose the perfect weave, it is easier to decide on one or two top notch companies to compare. In order to give you an idea of some of the popular styles that are available, here are suggestions for one short and one long human hair Curly Weave style offered by three of the top companies in hair enhancement products.

    First, let’s take a look at what Milky Way has to offer people that are looking for a human hair Curly Weave. For a short, extremely curly look, you might want to try the one called Fab8-Cotton Candy. It has tons of bouncy curls and comes in more than a dozen colors. You will pay less than twenty dollars for a package. When it comes to a longer Milky Way Curly Weave style, the Indian Brazilian Curl fits the criteria. Although it does not come in as many hair colors as the Fab8-Cotton Candy, this weave has long below shoulder length tendrils of corkscrew type curled hair. With a price tag of thirty five to fifty dollars, depending on the length, this human hair product is very affordable.

    Sensationnel is another well known company that has many Curly Weave styles available. One of their very popular short styles is called Baby Romance. It is a looser curl that gives just enough volume and style. With more than twelve colors to choose from, this great human hair weave is sure to compliment any skin tone. Sensationnel has many different longer styles to choose from, but many people prefer the Deep Spiral. As its name implies, the strands of human hair on this Curly Weave are spiraled deeply. It is a very romantic looking weave that is sure to gather some compliments for the wearer.

    The final company I am going to talk about is Outre since it is also a very popular brand of human hair enhancements. Outre offers a very popular short Curly Weave called Duby Kiss. This cute weave style is very short and resembles a pixie cut. The curls are very loose and spread all over the crown. A much longer Outre human hair Curly Weave is the one called Dream Curl. It is full of loose ringlet curls that look great for every occasion.

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    September 18th, 2011adminCurly Weave

    After you purchase your Curly Weave and have it installed at home or by a hair stylist at a beauty salon, it is up to you to take proper care of it so that it will continue to look great for an extended period of time. First of all, it is important to follow any specific instructions that came with the weave or were told to you by the person that installed your Curly Weave. Each brand of weave might have slightly different care instructions such as what temperature of water you should use when washing your weave. In addition, your hair stylist might give you a different set of instructions based on whether you had your weave sewn in with weaving thread or attached using specially formulated liquid bonding glue. Aside from all of the specific instructions, here are some general tips for keeping your Curly Weave in prime condition.

    One of the most important things that you can do for your Curly Weave is to properly clean it, along with your natural hair and scalp, on a regular basis. You can usually wash your weave in the shower just as you would your natural hair. It is important that you do not vigorously rub any part of your Curly Weave because you do not want to knot up the hair strands or accidentally loosen your weave where it is attached. Many people state that how you dry your Curly Weave is dependant on the installation method, but that applies more to straight weaves. Air drying is usually recommended for a Curly Weave in order to allow the hair strands to dry in a calmer fashion. Using a blow drier on curly hair can cause it to increase in volume and look out of control.

    Since the hairs of your Curly Weave are not straight it is easier for them to become wrapped around each other throughout your day. If left unattended, this could eventually from into tangles. In order to prevent the formation of tangles, you should gently work through the hair starting near the bottom. This can be done to wet hair only if you use a wide toothed comb or your fingers. Brushing a weave that has curls can sometimes work, depending on how loose the curls are, but often when a brush is used it will induce frizzing and could even cause static electricity to form if your hairs are rather dry.

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    September 17th, 2011adminCurly Weave

    Although you might look really great in a long or short Curly Weave, there are some professions where curly hair might be considered too boisterous or unkempt. Some people even consider curly hair to be a distraction to everyone. Instead of forgoing your cute curls and sporting more subdued hair during your work day, there are some things that you can do to make your Curly Weave fit in much better at the office, aside from straightening them all out with a flat iron. Although it might not be allowed at your place of employment, there is the option of wearing a nice hat, scarf, or other head covering to spruce up your outfit and take attention away from your curly hair.

    If your Curly Weave is rather long, you have quite a few styling options available to calm your curls. People with a long, Curly Weave can simply pull it all up into a high pony tail or bun. This gives it a more controlled look and it also keeps it from getting in the way throughout the work day. Another style that can be used with a longer Curly Weave is to twist part of the side sections starting at the front and securing them together at the back. This is similar to the way straighter hair is pulled back into a half pony tail that only secures the upper portion of the hair. However, gently twisting the sections of hair will keep your curls from springing out everywhere when it is pulled back like this. Securing the twists together in the back with a nice professional looking decorative clip will add a bit of pizzazz without going overboard.

    Although those hair styles might be difficult or even impossible to accomplish for those people that have a shorter Curly Weave, there are still ways to keep those curls tamed at work. Although it hides your curliness, you can opt to have your Curly Weave put partially or totally in corn rows. This is a very professional looking hair style as long as the corn rows are done in an acceptable pattern and not one that attracts attention. Often, a short Curly Weave looks more professional simply by defining the curls and making them look more uniform. In order to do this you can use hair care products, such as a pomade, to coat the curls as you wrap the locks around your finger. This process might seem tedious, but it eliminates the fuzzy or unkempt look quite well.

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    September 16th, 2011adminCurly Weave

    Although many people will have their Curly Weave installed over their entire head, there are some people that just want to add some volume or length to their own naturally curly hair. It is very important that people that want to do this make sure that they purchase the right Curly Weave hair in order for it to blend well with their natural hair. If the weave hair is not matched very well to the natural hair it might not remain undetected by others and that could cause some embarrassment.

    One of the easiest ways to detect a mismatch between someone’s Curly Weave and their natural hair is if they try to blend in some low quality human or synthetic Curly Weave hair in with their natural hair. Some of the lower quality human weaving hair might not look as lustrous as the person’s natural curly hair and it might not hold the curled pattern as well which results in patches of limp, dull curls on their head. Even though synthetic hair products are constantly improving, it is still possible to get a synthetic Curly Weave that is too shiny and looks very unreal. When mixed with the person’s natural hair, it looks very obvious.

    Another way that people might notice the presence of weave hair is if there is a discrepancy in the texture of the two types of hair. Although some might not be noticeable from a distance, other mismatches are quite evident. In order to get a great match between the natural hair and the Curly Weave hair the person can hold some of the weave hair near their own hair to see how well it blends or simply ask a professional at a salon or beauty supply store which texture is the closest to their natural hair and will blend well for a partial weave.

    Due to the fact that hair coloring is quite prevalent in today’s society, matching the Curly Weave hair color to the natural hair color might not seem very important. However, using a color of Curly Weave hair that is totally unnatural for the individual’s skin tone might cause other people to look more closely and actually be able to detect the fact that not all of the hair is natural. It is best to get the closest color to the natural hair, or go a few shades darker or lighter for a highlighted or streaked appearance.

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    September 16th, 2011adminCurly Weave

    I love curly hair, but unfortunately my natural hair is very straight and I have used a curling iron to style my natural hair, but I do not doing that very often because I read that heated styling tools can eventually cause damage to my hair. Instead, I decided that I would purchase a Curly Weave and have my hair stylist sew it in for me. My other choice was to follow a friend’s suggestion of buying a curly wig to wear, but I did not like the idea that it could possibly come off and cause an embarrassing situation. I researched the various Curly Weave brands that are available and decided on the Sensationnel Start 2 Finish Human Hair Weave called French Spiral.

    I chose the Sensationnel French Spiral Curly Weave because it is made from some of the highest quality human hair available in hair enhancement products. In addition, I heard that Sensationnel has a strict guideline for how their hair enhancement products are made so that the end products are durable, strong, light weight and beautiful. All of the hair that was used to make my Curly Weave is closely monitored throughout the process and there are even guidelines to be followed by the people that actually grow the hair used by Sensationnel. I knew that a company that puts that much effort into making a quality product must produce the best on the market.

    When I brought my Curly Weave to the hair salon to have it sewn in, my hair stylist complimented me on my fine choice of weaving hair. She agreed that Sensationnel is one of the best companies in the business. She also loved the fact that I chose this particular Curly Weave because it made the installation so much easier. The Sensationnel Start 2 Finish Human Hair Weaves comes in a package that includes precut Curly Weave pieces for the nape of the neck, the bangs, and the closure on the crown of the head as well as longer hair wefts that are used for covering the rest of the head. It is everything that is needed for a beautiful Curly Weave except the weaving thread and needle that is used to sew it on. When my hair stylist finished installing my weave, I could not have been happier. It looks absolutely wonderful on me. Now I can easily have a head full of curls without causing damage to my natural hair.

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    September 15th, 2011adminCurly Weave

    I am a professional hair stylist and whenever someone asks me what brand of Curly Weave they should purchase, I always tell them that I recommend Milky Way for weaves and any other hair enhancement products. Milky Way uses only the highest quality human hair to make their products. That means that their products will last much longer than some of the lower quality products that are put on the market by come other companies and my clients that have used a Milky Way Curly Weave never have any complaints about their hair. The hair is always very beautiful and easy to manage. In addition, I have never had any problems when I install a Milky Way Curly Weave for one of my clients. The wefts are very easy to work with and they are so well made that I do not have to worry about them unraveling or the hairs coming loose in my hands as I work with them.

    Milky Way has dozens of choices when it comes to purchasing a Curly Weave. For those clients that prefer a very loose look to their Curly Weave and want a shorter style, I usually suggest the Milky Way Human Hair Weave Short Cut Series called Peppy Curl, which comes in three pieces to make the complete style and the Milky Way Human Hair Weave MasterMix called Romance Curl Q for those clients that prefer to have much longer locks. When clients request a tighter looking short Curly Weave, I suggest that they purchase the Milky Way Human Hair Weave Fab8 called Cotton Candy and for those that want a long, very tight Curly Weave, I suggest the Milky Way Human Hair Weave called Indian Brazilian Curl. There are also many different Milky Way weaves that fit somewhere between these suggested weaves, so there is always something that fits the needs or desires of all of the clients at my hair salon.

    In addition to finding the perfect length and curliness, it is not hard for my clients to find a Milky Way Curly Weave in the perfect color for whatever type of skin tone they have. Most of the Milky Way hair enhancement products come in a large variety of hair colors, shades and blends, from blond to black and everything in between, so it is really easy to find one that compliments any skin tone or adds a little bit of flair.

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    September 14th, 2011adminCurly Weave

    There are many people that like the look of having a Curly Weave, but do not have the financial ability nor the hours of time that are needed to have a quality weave installed at a beauty salon. For these people and others that like a simpler way of doing things, there are hair enhancement products on the market that can be done at home in a few minutes and give the appearance of a beautiful Curly Weave that was installed by a professional hair stylist.

    There are various brands of these Curly Weave styled products available, such as the Sensationnel Instant Weave and the Outre Quick Weave, but all of them work in a similar manner. The hair enhancement product is actually a curly half wig that is worn to add length, volume, or simply a curly hair style to the person’s natural hair. The reason that it is called a half wig is the fact that, unlike a regular wig, it only covers the back half of the person’s head and leaves the front section of their natural hair visible. This type of product is very simple to use and the wearer can have hair that closely resembles a Curly Weave which was sewn in at a hair salon in a lot less time. All that it takes is separating the front and back of the hair and placing the front of the half wig at that part and the back of it at the nape of the neck with all of the back section of the natural hair tucked underneath it. Then, the front section of natural hair is blended with the front of the half wig to hide the juncture.

    It is important that the hair of the Curly Weave half wig be capable of blending well with the natural hair that is visible in order to look like it is part of the natural hair. For example, if the person’s natural hair is rather straight; they can use a curling iron to give it curls that are similar to those on the Curly Weave half wig. Another aspect of perfectly blending the Curly Weave half wig with the natural hair is to be sure that the colors match or are very similar. If the person has colored their natural hair then they need to be sure that the true color of their hair is not showing at the roots or the Curly Weave half wig will be more obvious to other people.

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    September 12th, 2011adminCurly Weave

    When people are looking for a Curly Weave, one of the decisions that they need to make is the type of hair that they want it to be used to make it. There are two general categories of hair that can be used to make a Curly Weave which are synthetic hair fibers and human hair strands. There are also various options within each category that can be classified by the quality of the hair. As with all materials used to make things, when it comes to the materials used in making a Curly Weave there is the more expensive, higher quality hair and inferior hair that is very inexpensive.

    In general, a human hair Curly Weave will cost more because the strands of hair have to actually be grown on someone’s head until they are long enough to be collected. Of course, this type of hair looks and feels the most like a person’s natural hair because, at one point, it was someone’s natural hair. If the hair is classified as remi human hair, that means that it was not subjected to any harsh chemical treatments, such as perm solutions, the entire time that it was being grown and it is the highest quality hair available. A Curly Weave that is made entirely of remi human hair is probably the most expensive kind on the market, even more so if it is very long since longer hair takes more time to grow.

    Synthetic hair is made out of specially formulated manmade fibers and there is always enough available to meet the demands of synthetic hair products, so a synthetic Curly Weave will not cost nearly as much as one that is made from human hair strands. Through great advances in technology, today’s Curly Weave that is made entirely of synthetic hair fibers can look and feel very much like natural hair, which is far from the original plastic-looking synthetic hair fibers that perhaps some people recall seeing in a grandmother’s wig. The two most commonly used brands of synthetic hair fibers are Kanekalon and Toyokalon. Both are very high quality with a look and feel very similar to that of natural human hair. When using a Curly Weave that is made from synthetic hair fibers it is recommended that the person avoid using any type of heated styling tools, including hair dryers, unless the instructions that came with the weave say that it is safe. The reason for this is the fact that many of the synthetic hair fibers cannot withstand the heat and might melt.

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    September 11th, 2011adminCurly Weave

    If you have opted to purchase a Curly Weave that is made entirely or partially from synthetic hair fibers then you need to be sure that you know how to take care of it properly so that you do not accidentally do something that could ruin it. Although the manufacturing process for making synthetic hair fibers is constantly improving, most synthetic Curly Weave products are not heat resistant and could melt when styled with any of the regularly used heated styling tools such as flat irons, curling irons and even hair dryers.

    While a human hair Curly Weave is more versatile in how it can be styled, including using heated styling tools, the style of a synthetic will generally be set by the manufacturer and cannot be easily altered. However, as time passes you might need to touch up some of the curls on your synthetic Curly Weave where they have become compressed from sleeping or undone from natural elements such as wind. Even though there are some synthetic hairs that are supposed to be able to withstand low heat settings on styling tools, most people do not even attempt it. Instead, to touch up the curls, you can simply use regular rollers and water. Wetting the strands of your synthetic Curly Weave and then rolling it in curlers is quite simple and as the synthetic hair dries, it will usually take on the shape that it was put in when wet. Afterward, you can gently unroll the hair and arrange it the way you prefer. There are even some people that say this method can be used to make a straight synthetic weave into a Curly Weave, but the curls do not generally last as long as the ones on a synthetic weave that starts out curly.

    It is often recommended that people who wear a synthetic Curly Weave use a detangling spray whenever they comb it out because synthetic hair fibers are more prone to tangling and matting than human hair fibers. It is also a good idea to use a shampoo and conditioner that are meant for synthetic hair fibers whenever you wash your Curly Weave to be sure that it will stay looking great for a longer period of time. In addition, if the ends of the synthetic hair fibers start to look frizzy, you can have your hair stylist trim off the very tips and treat the new ends with a special oil to make them last longer.

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    September 10th, 2011adminCurly Weave

    A human hair Curly Weave can be worn without the worry of it being easily detectable by other people. A very popular one right now is the Outre Premium Duby Kiss Human Hair Weave. This is a very short styled weave that has more of a tousled wavy look than that of a deeper curly style. The strands of high quality human hair feel very soft and natural when touched. This cute Curly Weave is great for wearing to work, school, or any type of event. One thing that is really great about this particular weave is the fact that it is sold in a package that contains pre-styled and pre-cut pieces that will automatically form the style pictured on the package as the hair wefts are installed and there is no need for any cutting or styling. With its ease of installation and great quality human hair, it is no wonder that this weave is so popular.

    Another popular human hair Curly Weave is the Milky Way Human Hair Weave called Indian Deep. The thing that makes this short weave great is the fact that it can easily be changed from a Curly Weave to a straight styled weave and back again. When it is straightened, it will remain that way until it is made wet, and then the Curly Weave will go back to its original style until the next time that it is straightened. This process can be done over and over, within reason, and the Milky Way Indian Deep weave will stay looking great the entire time that it is being worn.

    A third Curly Weave that is quite popular is the Indiremi Remi Human Hair Weave called Soul Wave. This is a gorgeous longer styled weave that is full of loose cork screw curls from the crown to the tips. It is made from soft, thin human hair wefts that come in more than a dozen different colors and blends. Even though it looks very thick and heavy, this Curly Weave is actually light weight and feels very comfortable to wear.

    All of these high quality Curly Weave styles and hundreds more can be found at neighborhood beauty supply stores as well as through virtual beauty supply stores that can be found on the internet. They are so well made that it is highly likely that the wefts of hair can be used a second and even a third time while still retaining their original beauty.

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